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Typical Hedgehog Cage Decision Mistakes

Prior to making or purchase your hedgehog cage, be sure you do not make following mistakes:

Utilizing an aquarium. Many very first time hedgehog owners think that glass aquariums make perfectly safe cages for hedgehogs. This isn't the truth. Aquariums lack proper ventilation under normal conditions and therefore are notorious for collecting excess moisture and odor. Aquariums may also become literal ovens when a heater is added placing abdominal muscles lifetime of your hedgehog vulnerable. There are lots of other cage styles which might be equally as cheap as and also much easier to maintain than aquariums, so not risk the healthiness of your hedgehog to save time and cash!

Wire cage floors. To become safe, a hedgehog cage must not use a wire floor. Unlike larger animals for example rabbits, hedgehogs have tiny legs and feet, so that it is super easy for the hedgie to fall partially through while moving. While falling through may sound harmless, this can actually result in serious injuries like broken limbs.

One more reason in order to avoid wire floors in hedgehog cages is because could be too rough on sensitive feet. Many individuals do not realize that foot issues are incredibly common among hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have delicate feet and toes that are easily injured and sometimes become infected. Instead, avoid these health issues altogether by choosing a much better living environment on your hedgehog.

Using wood. Wood is just not a great material for a hedgehog cage because it could absorb urine and grow quite stinky. Contain ramps or shelves which a hedgehog can disappear of.

The one safe ramps and ledges are the ones having a solid railing that a hedgehog cannot fall through. A lot of people believe because animals like hedgehogs are extremely small they cannot be easily hurt in a fall. This is not true. Serious injuries can occur even just in falls from short distances.

Won't have a creature proof top when you have other pets. Usually do not assume that other pets will not likely access off limit areas! In case you have the cat or dog that may obtain your hedgehog cage, be sure you provide an animal proof top in position! Wire screens with wooden frames that could be secured work effectively. If using a sterilte tub like a cage, you may also work with a matching lid so long as you cut lots of air holes.

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